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WIN $1,000 for best short memoir!

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

With these words Charles Dickens continues to capture our imagination in A Tale of Two Cities,
one of the greatest books of all time. Go one better and:

  • Win $1000 for one sentence (12 words) that encapsulates your life or the life of someone in your family
  • Use it to start the story of your life or the story of someone in your family

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The winner will be chosen by the panel listed below after the 10,000th entry.

  • Clark Johnson, Actor and Film Director.
  • Fred Langan, CBC business anchor and reporter.
  • William Stevenson, Author of, A Man Called Intrepid, Spymistress, and Ninety Minutes at Entebbe.
  • And others...

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Contest Entries To Date

“"MEG DOESN'T BELIEVE IN GOD!" Words that ruined my fourth grade life.”
-Megan Hourigan

“Without a fuckin doubt I inherited my sailor's mouth from Pop-Pop.”
-Megan Hourigan

“"Maybe bull-calf riding wasn't our brightest idea, Molly."”
-Megan Hourigan

“"Someone get that beast off the field!" Someone shouted at Molly's game.”
-Megan Hourigan

“"Of course we cant catch up to the deer on the carosel!"”
-Rebecca Buning

“I was born to think devoid of language to write with it.”

“A life full of talent and torment, of love and of loss”
-Pamela Kent

“This is how my daughter will be conceived.”
-Nicole Apel

“I love weddings. So far I've had four of them.”
-Robert Lewis

“I love weddings. So far I've had four of them.”
-Robert Lewis

“I stand out in a crowd by smiling.... Apparently nobody smiles anymore”
-Samantha Donaldson

“Being an only child isn't fun... it is unique, different and intriguing.”
-Samantha Donaldson

“If life is a roller coaster, mine goes beyond the moon.”
-Lindsay f

“California stole her parents in 1969; for one year, life stood still.”
-Britney Debnam

“Sea turtles never know their mommas. I guess I'm a sea turtle.”
-Alison Schiller

“The Three Magic Kings”
-Zilia L. Laje

“"One day they will be gone, charish the time now."”
-Shelby Johnson

“The sun cracked, trembled, and faded; My sister lay lifeless and flawed.”
-Maranda Cucchiara

“A silver bird in a golden flock, flew early, and far.”
-Carol Cooley

“Mamma was a rolling stone, one part Mick Jagger, two parts Sisyphus.”
-Gino J. Matteo

“Did I Do My Duty In My Life? Who Will Judge This?”
-Ben Westbrock

“Three decades on three continents.Communism,judaism and freedom.”
-Katalin Lax-Wright

“Discovering that your twin sister died before birth changes your entire life.”
-Carol White

“"We have an amazing story."”
-Trudy Freese

“Once upon a time, happily ever after. But it's not the end.”
-Debbie vilardi

“Dramatics laced with fear. Now my anger's gone. Loving them fiercely now!”
-cora lee drew

“Born Gay, I learned to embrace my inner voice and triumph despair.”
-John Neveu

“They stood at attention and in one voice the heavens could hear, they yelled out, "Welcome Home Brother."”
-Dozer - Vietnam Vets M/C

“Animals have a depth of which many of us are not aware.”
-Claudia Hehr

“I only ever wanted enough money to get plenty of help, Lord.”
-Casey Breton

“Our lives are mosaics, beautiful pictures pieced together from our life experiences.”
-Matthew Mortensen

“First I believed, then not; now I hope and love even more.”
-David Bihary

“A neverending dramedy starring a dysfunctional cast of unrelenting happiness pursuers.”
-Chantal Jules

“My sister sold my mothers house and I had to sue the lawyers.”
-Mira Golubic

“Some were evil, some good. They died. The good remains with me.”
-Peggy Melanson

“Desire, despair, love lost and found. Reader, you already know my story.”
-Fannie Peczenik

“The empathy gene skipped my parents, my fate: to be their caregiver.”
-Andrea Reynolds

“It was the epiphany of a lifetime; I was becoming my mother.”
-M. E. McMillan

“For 60 years, I have lived, loved, laughed, wept, struggled, and persevered.”
-M. Rice

-SFC Bruce "Skypilot" Donaldson

“Believe in yourself and you can go beyond the stars.”

“He looked like an old-fashioned pirate and he was my great-grand-father .”